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Solo in Sedona...

City Slicker

Solo in Sedona...

Solo in SedonaSolo in Sedona

I was VERY fortunate to have covered a lot of ground, or should I say road, in 2017.  It was one of my biggest travel years thus far. I'm closer to my goals of 40 countries by 40 and am at 38/59 of the US National Parks, and can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for me!

My favorite places to travel though, are ones where scale is unavoidable, and you are able to see and feel what a small part you really have in the magnificent world around us.  I love getting absorbed in the beauty that surrounds me.  While I am hesitant to do too much hiking solo, this trail was moderately traveled - quiet enough to have peace and quiet, yet busy enough to be noticed and have help if something happened.  It also helps to have volunteer photographers at the most pictureque part of the hike as well!  Can you spot me on the rock bridge? :)   


Note: This trail is called "Devil's Bridge" and is located in Sedona, AZ.



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