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Solo Birthday Trip To Morocco!

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Solo Birthday Trip To Morocco!


 2017 was a memorable year of travel when I visited 7 countries (Vietnam, Taiwan, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and Costa Rica) in 4 continents. Each destination amazed me in different ways, but my most memorable travel moment of 2017 was my time in Morocco. Last year I had no idea on what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday. I just knew I wanted to do something "different" and "new". Ultimately, I told my closest friends and family that I wanted to do a solo trip and ended up in Morocco after weeks of planning! This trip is hands down my favorite travel memory from 2017 for these reasons:



  • I was inspired by the eye catching Moroccan design and colorful culture!

 I love all the colorful surroundings in Marrakech. From the colorful spices on the streets to the detailed interior designs of the riads! I was inspired by it all!F75502C3-B63C-41AC-8C83-57A68BF5B0FD.JPGAmazing details on this! 

E0A262ED-F6FE-402B-A95F-821FBA697858.JPGMoroccan Spices!


  • I was treated to a yummy cuisine!

On my birthday, I joined a group of other travelers and hiked around some of the valleys in Morocco's Atlas Mountains. We were treated to lunch prepared by  a Berber family home. The food was delicious and we enjoyed it with the views of the valley!
6E170593-EEE1-4842-88D2-54A50303A593.JPGMoroccan Meal made with fresh ingredients!


590EDB5C-2742-4DE3-A84E-88108FC7B9F5.JPGTea with a view!


  • I accomplished my goal!

I truly enjoyed the nature, the culture, the food, and the friendly people I've met from this trip and most importantly I achieved my goal of doing my first solo

birthday trip ever!

7866BBB8-692E-40FE-98FF-BAC456F25D31.JPGThe second highest waterfall in Africa!CDE6D8CB-C2E2-4F47-91BC-5173A233310C.JPGSpotted a camel at the valley!ED319B11-6823-4C7C-A138-999CA0D98385.JPGYikes...!37FDBF65-4E4D-4423-8D5D-C3CB798482CC.JPGMoroccan storefront!