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Skiing/Surfing in Chile - July '17

City Slicker

Skiing/Surfing in Chile - July '17


"Chairlift Lake View" Portillo - Los Andes"Chairlift Lake View" Portillo - Los Andes


Only in my wildest dreams did I believe that the ski-season could last until the summer! In 2017, thanks to my Barclaycard miles, I was able to ski in July, a cluster of experiences that will last a lifetime. Not only was I able to ski, but I was able to surf in the same week. Chile has been on my bucket list since I was young.  When I learned of the Portillo Resort I knew I had to stock up in miles to make the trip a reality. Then, I learned of a surf camp on the coast new Valparaiso. I thought to myself; why, not both, after all, life is meant to be lived.  In what seemed like a blink of an eye I was skiing in 12 inches of freshly fallen powder in the Andes on the border of Argentia and Chile. In a days time, I was able to travel across the country to the coast in time for a sunset surf session. A two-week experience owed to the many miles I had traveled, represented by my free trip to Chile - sponsored by my Barclay lifestyle. 

-Jack N. (Boston, MA - USA)