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Sink or Swim - First Time Scuba Diving ...With Unexpected Sharks!

City Slicker

Sink or Swim - First Time Scuba Diving ...With Unexpected Sharks!

Our truly once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon in Bora Bora was a dream come true.  Never did we ever imagine that we would have the opportunity to travel there, so naturally, my masters-level scuba diving husband didn't want to pass on the opportunity to go scuba diving in this unique environment. The only problem was that I had never been diving before or even taken a training class and refused to spend the day by myself on my honeymoon.  So, I decided to tag along and join the dive! Luckily for me, after a 15 minute pep-talk and "training", the dive company allowed me go along and dive with an instructor and my husband so that we could be together. 

Usually these types of dives take place in the famous lagoon inside the motus/reef which surround the island, however, due to murky waters, they had to take us outside of the motus to the rough ocean for the dive.  To make things even more exciting, the location they choose was known for shark sitings, a detail which they omitted to tell me.  

After overcoming the initial nerves of the dive and descending about 40 feet, I started to look around and quickly picked up on the dive sign for shark!  We saw several black tip reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, and lemon sharks in addition to some exotic fish during the dive, however, I was mostly focused on staying close to the group, breathing, and not freaking out!

Now that I am safely back home and on dry land, I must say that I am really proud of myself for overcoming my nerves about scuba diving and then remaining calm when surrounded by unexpected sharks!  This was truly a sink-or-swim moment that taught me a lot about self-determination and focus. I still surprise myself (and my now husband) sometimes! Go me!IMG_5707.jpgPost dive shotPost dive shot

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Stately Explorer

Re: Sink or Swim - First Time Scuba Diving ...With Unexpected Sharks!

I loved scuba diving in Bora Bora! That was my first time diving as well. When I came back to California, I pursued my open water diver certification. Now, I am an advanced open water diver and dive all around the world!! and I blame it all on Bora Bora's waters!