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Seeing my idol...'s grave, Switzerland with my new wife, and breaking a World Record

County Wise

Seeing my idol...'s grave, Switzerland with my new wife, and breaking a World Record

When planning my honeymoon to Europe, I thought I'd suggest going to Switzerland to check off a thing on my bucket list...going to, my idol Charlie Chaplin's grave to offer my respects to that silent film star. It would cut the Paris portion of our lune de miel (honeymoon) short, but marriage is all about sacrifice. 


As it turns out, where Chaplin is buried, is his mansion and a museum that opened to honor his legacy. Again, by happenstance, the day we planned to visit the grave and the museum, was the one year anniversary of the opening of that museum and, as it turns out, Easter. To make things even more special, that day they were going to attempt to break a world record for most Charlie Chaplin look-alikes gathered in one place! That was another thing I wanted to check off my bucket list! It really felt like it was meant to be! 


We got there, was provided a mustache, cane, and bowler hat to take part in the record attempt. We took pictures, broke the record (over 700 people of many countries gathered to participate), we made the news, got to participate in a huge Easter egg hunt, which resulted in me finding an egg for the prize of a free ticket to the Swiss Alps, made it on international news, was able to tour the mansion and its grounds, and got to pay hommage to the great Charlie Chaplin. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought up how personally amazing, gratifying, and kismetingly beautiful this was...but, it was a dream come true. Just visiting his grave would have been enough, but I got so much more out of this experience! So amazing! IMG_6954.JPGIMG_6968.JPGIMG_6977.JPGIMG_6988.JPGIMG_7001.JPGIMG_7011.JPGIMG_7772[1].PNG