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Secret Wind Tunnel!

City Slicker

Secret Wind Tunnel!


This day was just spectacular!

My father and I were in Sedona, Arizona and a local woman who we had met the previous night gave us directions to a "secret wind tunnel". She informed us that only locals knew about this spot but she wanted to share it with us!

We followed her directions the next morning and parked on the side of the road in a tiny unpaved lot and started our hike...

We were walking up a rocky hill and could have easily missed the special place! Luckily, I turned my head to the left just in time and saw a wall of rock that just had a slightly different color! More of a red/brick color than the rest of the scenery on this hike. I called out to my father to come back, as he was still ahead and just walked on by, unbeknown. We turned the corner around the rock wall and we were astonished at what we saw!! 

Beautiful red rock tunnels, naturally carved by the wind up on this lonely hill! 

We felt like children in a natural playground! I can feel the excitement run through my body just thinking about this now.

There were little cavities to stop and look out at the vast Sedona landscape. There were tunnels to hunch through and eventually, when we thought it couldn't get any better, we found a small little cave at the end of one of the tunnels. Inside that cave, there were two people sitting on their blankets with a drum and guitar! They invited us to sit with them as they sang and played beautiful music, that just mixed with the wind and echoed through the tunnels and cave. I thought to myself, "is this real life?". It was just so picturesque. 

At the end of our private concert in our natural arena we decided to head back.

As we were on our way out of the tunnels, we could hear water rolling across rocks and when we looked down we could see a rambling creek at the bottom!

How inviting it was! We hiked down the hill to find a cool, active creek with lush greenery surrounding it. I chased butterflies with my eyes and tried to count how many different birds I could hear as we found a large, warm boulder to relax on. We slipped our feet out of our hiking shoes and dipped our feet in the water as we enjoyed our lunch in the afternoon sun! 

The day couldn't get better than this!