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Sahara Desert Camel Trek

City Slicker

Sahara Desert Camel Trek

One of the most amazing travel experiences I've had happened this past June 2017. One of my close friends was heading out on a year long, round the world backpacking trip and since I usually do a one month backpacking trip each year I figured I'd help her kick off her adventure and join her for the start of her trip.


We started in Portugal, made our way over through Spain, and then down to Morocco. A camel trek into the desert had been on my bucket list so as soon as we left Chefchaouen and got to Fes I started looking up info on the best way to make this happen. We found a company that would take us and the next morning we set out for a very long car ride down to the edge of the Sahara Desert. We got to the "hotel" just outside the desert in the early afternoon and lounged around until another small group got there so we could all head out on the trek at sunset. It was brutally hot out, even around sunset, but seeing the sun set over the desert dunes was so beautiful and surreal. The trek took a little over an hour to get to the camp that was set up in the desert. The desert people who lead the trek made dinner for us all, a traditional Moroccan feast with chicken tagine, mint tea, and ending the meal with watermelon slices. We sat around a campfire for a bit and played around with some Moroccan bongo drums but then we all started staring off into the sky. The amount of stars you can see in the desert is unreal! It's magical, like nothing I've ever seen before. We took the flashlights out on our phones and head out into the dunes to climb a little higher for a better view. Once we were at the top of one of the dunes we all laid on our backs and stargazed. It was so peaceful. Every now and then one of us would point out a shooting star (there were a lot!) and we'd just drift off into out own thoughts of the world and how much beauty there is to be seen in travel adventures.

The next morning we hopped back on the camels and went back to the "hotel" for some breakfast and relaxation. That trek into the desert is something I'll hold with me as long as I have my memories!Quick selfie while we waited for a rogue camel to return to the group before the trek.Quick selfie while we waited for a rogue camel to return to the group before the trek.

Leading the pack out into the desert at sunset.Leading the pack out into the desert at sunset.
Heading back during sunrise before it got too hot out.Heading back during sunrise before it got too hot out.