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Roadtripping with a 6 month old?? It can be done!

City Slicker

Roadtripping with a 6 month old?? It can be done!

When my best friend announced he was getting married in Colorado, halfway across the country from me, my wife and I briefly considered that it would be too difficult to drive our infant son all the way out there.  But being the adventurous types... we said why not try!


Our 6-month old son was a true trooper the entire two weeks. He may not remember any of the sights he saw along the way, but we'll have the photos to show and stories to tell him when he's older. Whether camping and hiking at 10,000 feet in Rocky Mountain National Park, tracking bison in South Dakota's amazing Black Hills, or even having to change a tire in the middle of Minnesota, it was a wonderful trip for all of us!


1706_Road Trip West_0882.jpgYes, we're a corny family... (ugh, that was lame)


1706_Road Trip West_0850.jpgThe Badlands turned out to be greatlands.


1706_Road Trip West_0680.jpgNot sure if there will be enough rock left up there for him after he's president!


1706_Road Trip West_0433.jpgHe loves hiking... but then again he's not doing much of the work.