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Perfect Dream Wedding to MacGyver and with my kids!!

City Slicker

Perfect Dream Wedding to MacGyver and with my kids!!

I dont know why the picture was uploaded sideways..... sorryPerfect Dream Wedding to MacGyver with my kids!!Perfect Dream Wedding to MacGyver with my kids!!

at 46, I am on the second best half of my life... I dont call him Ed to be honest, I call him MacGyver. You know like the TV show guy? Because he can do everything and make ANYTHING out of spare parts or whatever. He rescued me in so many ways when he was just my friend and I had zero monies. No strings attached he just did things for me because he is THAT nice of a guy.

I met MacGyver several years ago in 2010. He was and still is a police officer and the inside joke was "Without Ed, you're dead" Who knew that line would be common every time I would see Officer Shoemaker. I ended up selling his home back in 2010 because he was going thru a divorce back then. Anyways, I kept in touch with Ed because I am a Real estate agent and plus he was my friend. Then 2 years ago, MacGyver was in the market to buy a house again. I ended up finding him a house after several months and multiple offers later.... this is the part where I get teary eyed because in February 2015 while I was writing up the offer on what would end up being his house, he had asked me how I was doing....? Which at that time I was going thru a divorce.  He helped me move and was my solid rock friend thru 2015.

In April 2016, after a few months of dating, while I was on a Mama/Daughter beach vacation, my daughter Jordan turned to me and said "why don’t you just stop dating everyone but Ed.. He loves you. You love him. You should just tell him he is your boyfriend" I just told her I wasn't ready to be exclusive but when that day comes, MacGyver will probably be the guy!

So from October 2015 thru current today - my way to relax is my beach trips whether an overnighter or a weekend or a week.... My favorite relaxing thing to do is collect shells not just whole shells but also the little bits and pieces of shells til they fill gallon Ziplocs. I can spend hours digging thru the sand or rocks just to find these shells. I think because truly it’s those little pieces of shells that make the beach whole. I felt like I was broken into a million pieces those crazy traumatic 2 years while I was newly divorced.

Anyways we dated exclusively and next thing I know in August yes just a few months later we went on our last summer beach trip with my boys and he proposed to me on one of our favorite beaches during sunset with the most perfect ring because he is such an amazing man!!!!

It took me one full year after our engagement to choose an actual wedding date but during these last 3 years, MacGyver has been my rock. My quiet hard working amazing man. I am so lucky to have this man be a huge part of my life and my children's lives....... I could go on and on and on........ I love him and know that this wonderful man is my Forever!!"  And this is what the picture represents, having the perfect dream wedding to the most perfect man ever! I am so lucky.