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Our Adventurous Honeymoon in Patagonia

City Slicker

Our Adventurous Honeymoon in Patagonia


Las Torres del Paine, Patagonia, ChileLas Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

When we chose the Chilean side of Patagonia as our honeymoon destination, we did so with a particular objective in mind: Hike to the base of Las Torres to see its majestic, natural towers. It took us 22.5 hours (not including layovers) in travel time alone just to get to the park, Torres Del Paine National Park, where the towers are located.


We only had 3 short days in the park and planned to hike to the towers on our second day. Unfortunately as we arrived at the base, the peaks weren’t visible as they hid behind a thick layer of clouds. We sought shelter from the downpour as we patiently waited for a couple of hours in hopes that the clouds to clear, but they never did.


The base to the peaks closes at 4 PM during the Southern Hemisphere's Winter, so a park ranger ushered us down the mountain at closing time. Soaking wet and cold, we were unable to catch a glimpse of the infamous peaks that we had traveled so far to see. After hiking for 15 miles, we felt completely defeated.


That night we decided that if the skies were clear in the morning, we might give it another try. This meant we'd have to conquer the 15-mile, grueling round-trip hike 2 days in a row.


The next morning when our alarm went off, we looked outside, and the skies were clear. We contemplated whether or not we wanted to hike again. Our muslces were sore, and we had the added pressure of doing it quickly, so we could catch the last bus out of the park and get back to the airport in time for our flight home. Deep down, we knew we didn't travel to the end of the earth on our honeymoon to give up that easily. So we made our decision, and off we went for round two.


We hiked with great anticipation and rarely stopped. As we approached the base on our final ascent, the peaks were visible. Our excitement propeled us up the steepest and final part of the ascent rapidly. When we got to the base, we basked in the beauty of Las Torres. All 3 peaks were mostly visible, and this picture captures the joy of that moment. Not giving up paid off, and it became the most memorable, adventurous honeymoon we could have ever asked for!

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City Slicker

Re: Our Adventurous Honeymoon in Patagonia

That is amazing. Great for you to give it a go again and a beautiful picture. What an amazing memory of how to start off a life together with persistence. Congratulations.