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Ostrich Racing: The Most Memorable Experience.

City Slicker

Ostrich Racing: The Most Memorable Experience.

It is amazing how great something can be when you least expected it to happen. There is, of course, a scale of how great the experience can be, and I think I finally experienced my 10/10. It was so overwhelmingly exhilarating and unexpected that I couldn’t stop talking about it for a week – or two.


While we made our way through a foot deep river in the off skirts of Mui Ne, Vietnam, there it was. An ostrich farm. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, but the 4 large beasts that they called birds were running around the fenced area in a hilarious manner. We approached the man who owned the farm and asked if we were allowed to.. ride the birds. The very kind, Vietnamese man told us our prices: $4 for me and $6 for my friend who, and I quote “Must pay more. Very heavy.” It was the best $4 I have ever spent. I got to ride an ostrich. 


Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 3.23.09 PM.png

That being said, the most memorable experiences are the ones you least expect. Go with the flow and take every opportunity you can.