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🍻Oktoberfest🍻 in Munich 2017

City Slicker

🍻Oktoberfest🍻 in Munich 2017



    Oktoberfest was one of the BEST experiences of my life so far. It was the highlight of Munich. The carnival vibes were so much fun from the rides to the food vendors. 😍 Bratwurst anyone???

     The best part was all of the people from all around the world! We met people who were from the next town over, other parts of Europe, Canada, and even others who were from close to our home in the States. I would have to describe it as the happiest place on earth... for adults that is. 😜

       The traditional lederhosen and dirndls were so fun to see and participate in. The history of the festival was very interesting. It was the best trip of 2017 for me! Cheers to celebrating Barvarian culture and mighty fine pilsner! 🍻





Traditional attireTraditional attire


Everything’s funny when the beer never stops flowing!Everything’s funny when the beer never stops flowing!