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My Exotic 28th Birthday via Cancun, Mexico!!

City Slicker

My Exotic 28th Birthday via Cancun, Mexico!!

73ACF578-E4CD-41A9-B1F7-53585F1AA002.jpegWhat’s Cancun without a pool party!


E1ACDC42-4492-4CE9-9AEB-54FF990B0D9E.jpegSunset dinner with an amazing view and amazing friends


AF408F01-50A9-4DDA-B13A-8E70C61C5F33.jpegBiking tour to the Mayan Calendars


53E20489-EAD9-4422-8756-99FDAAD3E765.jpegThe exit from one of the Mayan’s location


0DB83FA2-AC68-44FE-9150-FE02C9A99310.jpegVisiting the Mayan calendar


3697023C-7B16-4DF8-AC12-4D49BF89822C.jpegMy first time swimming in an underground cave!


AEC53FC9-6CC6-4424-BF4A-E107292FAB9F.jpegThe best birthday yet!!


2017 was definitely a year of vacationing for me. I went to Las Vegas, Palm Spring, Cabo San Lucas, and Dallas. So everywhere I go my Barclaycard comes with me! It’s so easy to use nationally and internationally. Now my favorite trip of the year was my birthday girl’s getaway in Cancun, Mexico!! We stayed at the most beautiful Aqua Live, all-inclusive resort! It’s so peaceful, relaxing, & grown & sexy. The food was amazing. We booked our tour to visit the Mayan ruins where we learned about the hard working Mayans that actually didn’t do vacations. They worked all year long. We also learned about the Mayan calendar which was similar to the zodiac signs, but still different. Then we went swimming in an underground cave! It was so beautiful and so cold! This was my first vacation out of the country with friends and my first time going on an excursion. I enjoyed this trip so much that I cannot wait to see what I will do in 2018! With the help of Barclaycard I know there’s no limit for me!