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Memorable trip to Rocky mountains

City Slicker

Memorable trip to Rocky mountains

Talking about the memorable tripsof 2017, our trip to Rocky Mountains always catches my mind. After the scorching Texan heat of the summers it was a pefect destination. Far away in the mountain valleys, snow covered peaks and mesmerizing fall colours. What a  lovely treat to the eyes. 

Well, heard about cloud 9 always, this time it was in the literal sense. yes, when clouds are below you and you are on them, just like white cotton candy all around. Sunshine from the other side and wonderful rainbow collage just as a perfectly painted picture. The snow covered mountains shined like crystals .Cold and freezing wind with snowfall sometimes made it all perfectly romantic. It was our first trip to the mountains after marraige and truely memorable.

This trip will always remain special and close to my heart.DSC_0959.JPG