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Machu Picchu al revés

City Slicker

Machu Picchu al revés

Machu Picchu Handstand.jpgMachu Picchu al revésIn the fall of last year, my best friend and I decided to take a trip to a part of the world that we had never been to, South America, and specifically Peru. After far too much ceviche, too many pisco sours, sketchy bus rides through the mountains, falling down the sand dunes in the Ica desert, and learning what cocoa leaves actually were (after eating then non stop once we arrived in Cusco), we found ourselves at the top of Machu Picchu. What an incredible sight! But it wasn't all llamas and hisotry once we got up on...


Now let me explain the picture to the right. I grew up with two passoins; gymnastics and traveling. So every time I make throughout the world I manage to take a handstand picture. I have nearly 20 different handstand pictures throughout 4 continents, 6 counties, and more states than I can count. So of course with out a doubt I was going to make sure I would get a handstand picture at Machu Picchu! 


Well... easier said than done...


If you have never been to this unbelieveable world wonder, I must tell you that there are 'workers' (or volunteers, I'm not sure), that work throughout the citadel, likely to make sure people are not trying to ride the llamas or climb the houses.

As I am gearing up for my handstand, I do a few practice rounds to warm up my wrists, my shoulders, etc. And there we go, my friend and I take off on our handstand photoshoot. Thoughtout the photoshoot I do a total of 6 or so, to make sure we have options of pictures to choose from. Maybe about mid handstand on my 4th handstand we start hearing a faint yelling noise. But it was in spanish, and at this point in the trip the only spanish I had picked up on was "una cerveza más por favor", so I didnt pay attentin to it. As the yelling gets louder, we start seeing a man SPRINTING towards us. We find out he is screaming at us to stop. APPARENTLY I was too close to the edge, and that was not allowed. So from what I got from his gestures, he was basically telling us we must leave (hopefully just from that spot but I think he was telling us to leave the park, eeeekkkk). We had only been there for close to10 minutes so I was not going to leave. That basically started our game of hide n seek the rest of our time at Machu Picchu. Luckily, we managed to dodge that worker the rest of the time so we were able to enjoy it as normal tourists rather than exiled criminals.


I absolutely recommend taking a trip through the Andes to see this unbelievable world wonder, but please take my advice and do not do your handstands too close to the edge!