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Long Time, No Sea. Lala and Mr. Rad Join a Yacht Club.

City Slicker

Long Time, No Sea. Lala and Mr. Rad Join a Yacht Club.

332 (2).JPG“Every time I see this man he whisks you off on another adventure.” Mum states with a smile.

294 (2).JPG

  And off we went on a whirl wind adventure across the Great American Southwest. Nearly scraping a bus through the tunnels of Zion national park, being the only two at sunrise on the trails of the North Rim at the Grandest of the canyons, finding spirit totems on the side of the roadway, stopping for stretches, and finding silly signs along route 66, simply some of the achievements unlocked at the beginning of our travels. Washing up on the enticing deserts of Quartzite, AZ, meeting the oh so appealing first mate, Tessa, who lead us to our maritime themed abode for the evening, where we dropped our belongings and quickly ran off to the Quartzsite Yacht Club/bar and grill where drinks were flowing and the scent of food tingled the nose hairs just right. Donnie and his classy, comedic assistant were leading karaoke for the evening. We managed our names on the white board of stars. Mr. Rad sang “Folsom Prison Blues” and “Devil Went Down to Georgia” in such deep smooth dulcet tones, never missing a beat. While Lala sang “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy” a bit shaky, but then made a comeback with “Strawberry Wine” later in the eve. The crowd loved team awesome so much an elderly chap from the crowd joked he’d slash our tires so we could stay a few more days and play. But alas, we had to mosey on the very next morn. So we joined the best **bleep** yacht club ever and let our bodies rest. We continued onward to the border of Mexico, then off to an anarchist/snowbird collective space, only to land where roller coasters live. Life is good, join a yacht club, go for a ride, stretch your body, hang out with friends, and cherish those moments dearly.