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Jawdropping View from the Highest Peak on Crater Lake

City Slicker

Jawdropping View from the Highest Peak on Crater Lake

Hillman Peak, Crater Lake National Park, OregonHillman Peak, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Last July, we (my soon-to-be-fiancé and I) decided to take a quick trip from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Medford, Oregon, to see Crater Lake. We had one day (about 36 hours) and wanted to explore the lake and some of its surrounding areas. Regardless of our short visit, we packed in the memorable experiences.


Our microadventure included: a hike to Mill Creek and Barr Creek Falls, a short canoe trip on Diamond Lake, a hike to Cleetwood Cove on Crater Lake for cliff jumping at sunset, and the most memorable, a Hike up Hillman Peak, the highest peak on the lake’s rim.

As we drove the perimeter and stopped at all the typical overlooks, we ran into parking lot after parking lot full to the brim. Wanting an experience away from the crowds, we questioned where we could hike to a higher, more secluded spot to get a different more peaceful perspective of the stunning lake. Our answer: Hillman Peak!


The winter melt must have been a bit slower in 2017 because, in July, snow still covered the peak’s base. With only our Chaco sandals on, we carefully traversed the snow to the last part of the hike. The final section of the hike was a rocky, steep and difficult climb, marked only by cairns. Luckily, the snow had completely melted from this point on, so we could make it to the top.


Upon reaching the summit, we were alone in peaceful silence as the hustle and bustle of the traffic below was out of earshot. And the view, breathtaking! We were able to experience Crater Lake as few ever get the chance to. It was one of the most breathtaking scenes we’ve ever been able to take in.

This picture was taken roughly 100 feet below the summit as we made our way back down. As you can see, this made for an unforgettable memory.

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