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Iceland 2017

County Wise

Iceland 2017

This year my epic adventure was to Iceland! I grabbed my college besties and headed north for an adventure! 


We traveled the southern portion of ring road with a camper van and visited waterfalls, glaciers, lighthouses, and made freinds with several of the Icelandic horses! 


As a marine biologist it was very important to me to complete the Silfra dive where we were able to SCUBA in a body of water that was suspended in a noman's land of sorts betweeen the Eurasion and North American continental plate. The dive was absolutely amazing and insanely cold! Being from Texas, our waters hardly need a wetsuit wheras in Iceland you have to go full head to toe in drysuit gear! 


The experiance was an amazing adventure with my firends and myself, we experianced the wonders of Iceland in only a weeks time while getting closer than I ever thought possible! 


I plan to go back one day to complete ring road and hopefuly drag my friends with me!