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I Hope your Day is as Nice as your Butt (And other things we learned in Texas)

County Wise

I Hope your Day is as Nice as your Butt (And other things we learned in Texas)

Texas heat is hot. Very hot. Like, New Englanders have never known this kind of heat, hot. 


I had always dreamed about a beach vacation. My husband... not so much. He's more of the "adventure in Scandanavia and let's go climb THAT mountain" type. 


So, when the opportunity presented itself to go to Texas in early May and escape the unseasonable New England chill, I was all for it. 



I guess there was another good reason to go, too. 


My husband is one of three boys. His older brother and his wife have always been some of our closest friends. She's a doctor in the Air Force, and two years ago, they got stationed with the air force to a base in San Antonio, Tx. They left New England for greener (or, at least more Southerly) pastures. It was pretty hard on our family, and we missed each other terribly.


But luckily, they made the best of it and welcomed a new bundle of joy into the world in April 2017. 


And so we went to Texas! 


We had such an incredible trip. We flew down (for free - thanks Barclaycard!) to Austin and spent a few nights in the big city, checking out music and the nightlife of 6th Street. And being hot. And yes, seeing a giant sign that said "I hope your day is as nice as your butt." I guess that's the Texas charm we've heard so much about! 


But then the next day is what made this trip truly the best trip of 2017.


We got to meet our neice.


We spent the next 10 daIMG_20170529_182638.jpgys exploring the San Antonio missions, walking along the River Walk, exploring the Japanese garden, attempting to cool downa t Schlitterbahn Water Park, and more. 


The baby was less than a month old at this point, so we got to help out around the house, and learn what it was really like to have a little one in tow. (Surprise: It's a lot of hard work!)


Most of all, we got to bond as a family. We got to see the house they bought for their daughter and the way they were establishing their lives in Texas. We got to talk about childrearing, family, and commitment. So many of our nights were spent eating barbecue or Torchy's Tacos, laughing our butts off between philosophical conversations, and just being happy to be reuinted. 


A few days before we left, the youngest of the three brothers surprised us and flew down to Texas too. For a few days, the prodigal sons had reunited, and all was right in the world. We've been to Europe, we've travelled to many different places, but this trip will always be one that stays with me. 


Now how do you beat a vacation like that?