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Home Sweet Home!

City Slicker

Home Sweet Home!

It's been 10 years, back in 2007, since we went back to visit my home country, the Philippines.   How I missed it so much!  Ever since then, my husband and I had two kids, Tyler (8) and Isabella (5), whom we've never taken outside of North America.   It was July 2017, our dream summer vacation, which we anxiously waited for 4 years due to its expensive expense.  It took a lot for us to save for this trip because it involved five people, including my mom who was turning 60.  All she ever wanted was to go back home so this was a great gift for her as well, all paid for!  We also wanted to make sure our kids were big enough to be able to communicate adequately and old enough to be able to enjoy and remember this trip of a lifetime.


Furthermore, my biological father found me on Facebook 5 years ago.  I was pregnant then with my daughter and we've been in communication ever since.  So aside from reuniting with my cousins whom I grew up with, my uncles and aunts who took care of me when my mom was abroad working to help our family, it was also a chance for me to ask all the questions I longed for to ask of my father since I was 5.


Overall, this trip was everything I imagined!  It was fun, memorable, adventurous, awed, and most of all, I got to enjoy every second of it with my dear family.  It was non-stop eating, water, water, everywhere, and hopping from one island to the next kinda of a trip.  Our kids are now planting in our heads to plan another trip in the Philippines in 5 years rather than 10.  And so the planning begins...A motorcycle for 5!A motorcycle for 5!Who needs a waterpark, when you have a big basin!Who needs a waterpark, when you have a big basin!Hello Boracay, Philippines!Hello Boracay, Philippines!Watching and Swimming with Whale Sharks!Watching and Swimming with Whale Sharks!Tumalog Falls, Oslob PhilippinesTumalog Falls, Oslob PhilippinesMy home province, Quirino, PhilippinesMy home province, Quirino, PhilippinesPacked like sardines!Packed like sardines!Feeding the less fortunate.Feeding the less fortunate.