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Have you visited all 50 states? - Montana

City Slicker

Have you visited all 50 states? - Montana


Many shocked that Montana was my last state to visit; it was well worth the wait. All along I had an inkling there was a reason why. Wild and natural. This place feels like home. It was our 6th state out of a two week western road trip that began in Los Angeles, CA; with a brand new puppy on board. On the outside, remaining calm as we passed over the state line in Glacier National Park. Inside, an exhilarating burst of accomplishment and happiness. I realize traveling isn't for everyone or obtaining goals like visiting all 50 United States, but it is something that has provided me with a sense of personal greatness and understanding of my land as an American. I was proud and patriotic on that day.

A few favorites from Montana...
Strolling the streets of Bozeman and popping in swanky bars (Plonk) after a long drive day and retiring for rest on a legit AirBnB ranch property with a lasso and training manual included. 
First sight of Flathead Lake basically sealed the deal on love for Montana. Bigfork was such a cute little lake town that hit pretty close to home for us, both having previously lived in the moutains of Lake Tahoe. Celebrations commenced at Bigfork Inn with champagne in their rustic ambiance. 
Glacier National Park being major on the trip list, plans were altered due to forest fires. But making the best of it, travelled to a quieter side of the park to view a miraculous Bowman Lake and spend time with the pups (pictured - Hawkins' first kayak experience). On the way, The Polebridge Bakery & Mercantile supplied the best pastry I've ever had to date - Huckleberry bearclaw. Safe to say we overdosed on Huckleberry in our short stay. 

Most of my traveling has been done solo, but not this time. It would not have been this special without my road crew. Another human that can get up and go on zero sleep and drive for 7+, entertain quirky interests of things to do and see, keep the hilarity and positivity level up at all times and catch the same adventure feels has been hard to come by. Not to mention the pups, Harley and Hawkins, being so rad on the road, powering thru the agenda. My little adventurous soul ignited once again. Done, done and onto the next one...