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Halloween @ Disney World and Universal

City Slicker

Halloween @ Disney World and Universal

For our birthdays, we took a trip to Orlando, FL to visit Disney World and Universal Studios. I was rookie visiting both parks for the first time while my girlfriend was the wily veteran. She knew all of the Disney rides and shows to visit so I gratefully followed her. However it was both our first time at Universal and we were really looking forward to Harry Potter World! On top of all the parks, our trip was in October so the Halloween themes and decorations were everywhere!


We visited DW Halloween first with her dressed up as Megara from Hercules and I was Aladdin. We made our costumes (including props like jewelry and "stolen" bread) and won buttons for best homemade costumes. The rides were at least 30 minutes of waiting so we had a great time talking to nearby families and doing antics to pass the time (like sharing my stolen bread to people, making music with our props). To end the night, the fireworks show was one of the best I've seen with Disney villains taking over the show! 


The next days, we visited nearly all rides and shows we had on our itinerary including Monsters Inc Laugh Factory, Bugs Life live show, Muppets, Avatar, Haunted Mansion, Toy Story Mania, Safari Ride, and even Space Mountain. I am not a roller coaster fan because I'm prone to motion sickness. So I was very apprehensive while my girlfriend was ecstatic and encouraging. The picture below tells all... But I had a great time and got over my fear fast! Everything was dark and I felt like flying in outer space with the stars. Screaming does help on roller coasters, who would have thought? ;)


Later in the week, we went to Universal and hit up their Halloween night. Lots of scary decorations out on display. Fright zones were all over the park including chainsaw clowns scaring folks, American Horror Story characters stalking passer bys, and even aliens from space fixing their ride. Being big fans, we immediately went towards Harry Potter world while avoiding the scary eyes of the actors... that did not work, I got spooked by horned demon and laughed nervously.. Anywho, we arrived at HP world in Diagon Alley! We couldn't contain ourselves and sprinted from one store to another while window shopping and drinking butter beer and selfies galore. We found the Gringotts Bank ride and FOUGHT off Death Eaters and Voldemort! 


We went back the next day and explored Universal even more like the Men in Black shooter ride, Simpsons escape, Blues Brothers show, Jurassic Park water ride from TV!, and of course more Harry Potter rides. 


We had a great time spending our birthday week together and exploring the parks, shows, and movies we've grown up to love. Could not asked for a better vacation and I highly recommend doing DW and Uni for Halloween!


Disney World HalloweenDisney World Halloween


Universal Studios Graveyard Scare ZoneUniversal Studios Graveyard Scare Zone


Harry Potter WorldHarry Potter World


Space Mountain Roller CoasterSpace Mountain Roller Coaster