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Grandma and Grandson take Europe Solo!

City Slicker

Grandma and Grandson take Europe Solo!

under the Eiffel Tower w Grandmaunder the Eiffel Tower w Grandma


In August of 2017 I took my 78 year old grandma on a surprise trip to Europe. Since I was a child, my grandmother would tell me all about these places in Europe that were magnificent in ways I could not even imagine. She, herself had never been before but loved reading about these places with one in particular, the city of love, Paris.


Almost two decades later I was able to afford enough money to bring her on this surprise trip. It was just me and her against the world. We did almost 2 weeks in Paris, the South of France, and Istanbul Turkey.


I try and take her on a trip every year or two. About two years ago I took her and her two best friends, also in their late 70's to Disney World, we had a blast. They got on some of the rides with me but loved being able to have that joy of feeling young again. Taking my grandma to Europe for her first time in 2017 was a dream come true to her and I hope one day I could take her again or to somewhere else she has not been.


I am truly blessed to have her in my life! I turned 28 years old on January 9th and hope to be able to take her on more trips as much as I can. I would appreciate everyones help to get voted to win this prize!!! Thanks



In Monaco w GrandmaIn Monaco w GrandmaAt the Louvre with GrandmaAt the Louvre with Grandma