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Friends in the highest elevations (I've been on foot, at least)

City Slicker

Friends in the highest elevations (I've been on foot, at least)

What better way to solidify friendship than from thousands of feet up? After conquering these heights together in 2017, we can definitely conquer much more together in the upcoming years.


Before these past couple of years, during which I've gained some adventurous and outdoorsy friends, I'd never undertaken a hike beyond city limits. This road trip we took last Spring Break removed me so completely outside of my usual habitat and pushed me far beyond what I could've imagined my body being capable of (given my rather sedentary and snack-filled lifestyle). It's a good thing we started off easy. At least for the first day.


After frolicking amongst endless dunes of white sands, we descended into the (treacherously slippery) depths of Grand Canyon... with me completely unprepared and not wearing hiking socks for a good half of the 6-hour hike.


20170312_111625.jpgIf I had known just how hard of a hike I had in front of me, I'm not sure I would've agreed to take on the challenge. And a challenge it was. I (still) really need to work on my cardiovascular endurance. It's good I've always recovered fast, because I doubt I would've made it out of the canyon before sunrise otherwise, even with encouragement from my one friend who stayed with me the entire time.

20170313_175152.jpgScenic roads make for the best trips, especially with a great group of friends and an unending soundtrack. (Not sure why this photo ended up upside down, but I probably looked at it like this at some point during the long hours of sitting in the car.)

Angel's Landing in Zion is somewhere I'd be okay with saying I've done... and never ever doing again. It wasn't as dangerous (well, mostly) as I'd been worried about, but those heights and the path up are not for the faint of heart.

20170314_130004.jpgTilt your head to the left for a niiiice view down from maybe 5/6ths of the way up.Never again. While Zion was majestic to be sure, my favorite views from the trip were of our last-minute destination: Bryce Canyon. Replete with hoodoos, Thai-tea-esque sediment, and lots of lovely snow. And much less tiring, terrifying, or crowded. I probably spent a good 1/3rd of the time apart from my group, probably averaging 15 minutes behind due to my time spent admiring, photographing, and just being among the rocks and the snow.

20170315_145035.jpgSurrounded by sights so different from the plains of Texas. Absolutely awe-inspiring.

I would definitely love to return someday to wander among these natural wonders.