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First Solo Travel - Sunny Giant's Causeway!

City Slicker

First Solo Travel - Sunny Giant's Causeway!


For my birthday (May), I took my first solo road trip (outside of the USA) around Ireland and Northern Ireland! The area I was most excited to see was the Giant's Causeway. It was more beautiful, peaceful, serene, and magical than I could ever have wished for - and as a bonus, the weather was an atypical 72*F and sunny! Typically the pictures of Giant's Causeway are of the rugged, rocky coastal area - but not from the beautiful, serene bluffs above!




After tramping over the coastal rock features for some time, I decided to climb the Shepherd's Steps to the top of the bluff. Once I got there, I was so entranced by the beauty of the views that I just kept walking, and walking - (there are even stairs over farmer's fences so that hikers can easily traverse the terrain) until I had gone approximately 7 miles and to the back of the Dunseverick Castle ruins. During this long trek, I only ran across half a dozen other living souls over the course of the hike - and this lovely wide bench overlooking the ocean. It was absolutely blissful!