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Fire and Ice and Broken Teeth

City Slicker

Fire and Ice and Broken Teeth

Iceland is a literal land of fire and ice with so much to offer. Such stunning and dramatic landscapes that change so vastly from mile to mile. From lush green, rolling hills to jagged volcano rock to snowy glaciers. The last one is where I had the most memorable little adventure.

Diamond Beach, IcelandDiamond Beach, Iceland
There is one beach in particular where huge chunks of ice break off the main glacier and maroon themselves on the shore. Excited to see the ice chunks up close on Diamond Beach, I ran to one in particular that looked like a throne and decided to stand on it. You know, like a queen would do. But, of course, this throne was made of ice and I slipped for what felt like 10 minutes and crashed face first onto the ice. I thought I lost a tooth for sure and ran through all the possible futures with my new toothless identity.

Luckily, I only split my lip and no real damage was done. I came back with a bruised lip (and ego) but with a lifetime of incredible memories.

10/10 would do it again.