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Finding Paradise in Iran – the “Axis of Evil”

City Slicker

Finding Paradise in Iran – the “Axis of Evil”

I spent three wonderful weeks in Iran in April 2017 as a solo female traveler. The country, despite the being taunted as the “axis of evil”, is beautiful more than words can ever describe.


I experienced a moment of uncertainty as the plane touched down in Tehran, as I didn’t know what to expect as a non-Muslim Asian woman traveling alone in a predominantly conservative Muslim country. But as I soaked in the sights and sounds of the bustling capital, any anxiety faded away and was replaced by excitement.


Persepolis has been one of the archeological cities I’ve been fascinated with and always wanted to go to. I’ve only seen it in history books. Imagine my joy when I entered and passed through the Gate of All Nations just as Xerxes himself did long ago. Walking around the complex, past all those structures and sculptures that stood the test of time. Seeing the remnants of the palace of Darius the Great, which survived the looting and burning done by Alexander the Great’s army.


Seeing all of these in person is a dream come true!


persepolis.jpgStanding in front of the ruins of Tachara (palace of Darius the Great), in Persepolis, Iran. April 2017