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Family Island Getaway!

City Slicker

Family Island Getaway!

It is the middle of July 2017 and it is a scorching 112 degrees in Las Vegas. As a family that works in the pool industry, it was exhausting coming to work and feeling the heat without being able to canon ball into the water. Our family vacations always land during Winter or early spring; so, we decided it is time to change things up and have a SUMMER ISLAND GETAWAY! An island with friendly people, crystal blue water, rich in wild life (my daughter loves animals) and funfilled activities for the whole family. Nothing fits in this checklist more than the great island of Exuma, Bahamas! I rented a beautiful villa by the water (Regatta Resort) and the rest was history. 

fullsizeoutput_14dd.jpeg- We swam (more like played) with sharks







WOAH! Wish upon a star fish (we gave it back to the ocean)WOAH! Wish upon a star fish (we gave it back to the ocean)


- Saw the biggest starfish we've ever seen











- Caught conch shells and turned them into a conch salad (talk about FRESH!)








- Fed the friendliest sting rays; they even give hugs!!!

fullsizeoutput_1523.jpegThey swim up shore (this is not a tour, you can experience this free of cost)They swim up shore (this is not a tour, you can experience this free of cost)






- Made pig friends who can swim


I'm sorry we love bacon :'(I'm sorry we love bacon :'(





- Fed some dinosaur looking lizards, a.k.a Iguanas.

Image 8-2-17 at 7.14 PM.jpgfullsizeoutput_198e.jpegIMG_1092.JPG




Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 6.55.58 PM.jpgfullsizeoutput_1553.jpg- Snorkeling in caves and finding a sunken plane? Image 8-4-17 at 6.45 PM.jpg YEAP! Anything is possible under the sea.


The experience of wild life was oh so rich, but did you notice the crystal water? We got sunburned but WHO CARES? No time to reapply! (I'm not the best mom lol) Why?... because we refused to get out and take a break. Check out this paradise.....


OOoooppssss.... I almost forgot to mention this hidden gem beach that gave us unlimited amount of sand dollars and not to ignore the mid ocean swing that comes with it (read till the end and I'll tell you the beach name :D).

fullsizeoutput_19a0.jpegFullSizeRender 20.jpgfullsizeoutput_14b5.jpegfullsizeoutput_1566.jpegfullsizeoutput_14b2.jpegFullSizeRender 28.jpg


At the end my daughter tells me, "Mom this was the best vacation ever." I cried. This is why we work hard. Nothing else is more rewarding than a great vacation. No worries, no stress; just the sunrise and the sunset, the sand and the waves, the water and the rainbows, and the family that makes it all worth while. This vacation will be embarked on our memory lane forever.

The photos speak for themselves but nothing beats living it!

From one traveling family to another.... Safe Travels :)From one traveling family to another.... Safe Travels :)

Hidden Gem Beach - Coco Plum Beach

*Print the directions at home just incase your gps stops working, this is a remote beach and it can be hard to find, but it's worth it - so go! Don't forget your snorkeling gear and get those sand dollars!*