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Fall in the Sahara - Morocco

City Slicker

Fall in the Sahara - Morocco

Morocco was a truly AMAZING country!  From the beautiful beaches to the sahara desert to the Roman ruins to the Game of Thones filming locations to the markets of Fes and Marrakesh to where Jimi Hendricks wrote Castles Made of Sand - EVERY city was so magical and truly touched me.  I am a very seasoned traveler and I think about this trip every day since my return home in November 2017 and I dream of returning.  We even resued a dog that was hit by a car and saved her life - such a special soul.

22815257_10156724714488294_6272020938958337594_n.jpg22780133_10156725148483294_3642814261053858838_n.jpgSaving Atlas' LifeSaving Atlas' LifeMarketsMarketsYSL GardensYSL GardensAtlas Mountain HikeAtlas Mountain Hike








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