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Co. Donegal, Ireland

City Slicker

Co. Donegal, Ireland

Once a year, for the past three years, I've traveled to Co. Donegal Ireland.  This year it was voted by National Geographic to be the best place to travel, so I was excited to get back and see some more sights.  

Once you go to Ireland, you are drawn to go back, there is no way you can see and experience the wonders in one or two weeks.  This year I decided I would hike to the top of Co. Donegal's 2nd highest peak, Mt Muckish (Gaelic for Pigs back).  Like my previous hike of Mt Errigal, the highest peak in Co. Donegal, there is no blazed trail to the top.

I decided to go the day after Trad night at the local pub, and wasn't on my "A" game, and neither was the weather.  Once I exited the car at the Bridge of Tears, the cold rain started, but I wasn't going to back down.  I started my trek with one thing on my mind, to get to the top.  The land was soaked and stepping in certain areas of the boggy turf would swallow my boot if I was not cautious. 

I was prepared, unlike the Errigal hike, I brought a trekking pole this time.  The wind was wild, blowing the rain horizontally on occassion, and many times I had to stop and sit for fear of getting blown down the steep mountainside.  Several times while I had to stop due to the wind I thought of quitting.  During the breaks of the wind and rain, I would make progress up the side of the mountain.  Once I saw the top there was no way I was going to stop.  Once I reaching the summit, I saw a stone indicating the top and a giant cross made from steel girders.  The top was long and flat, so I was comfortable with the high winds, and felt safer.

I will never forget that day, and hope to hike some other mountians in Ireland next October.20170201_120450.JPG20170201_125344.JPG20170201_125433.JPG20170925_114040.JPG20171025_112752.jpg20171025_114445.jpg20171025_124641.jpg20171025_130746.jpg