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Canadian Island Adventure on Rainy Lake

City Slicker

Canadian Island Adventure on Rainy Lake

Growing up in Los Angeles, the great outdoors for me was going for a hike in Griffith Park. After becoming friends with my buddy Nick, I learned to enjoy fishing. Visiting Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake in Southern California in the coming years was relaxing, but there was never much wildlife to see or many fish to catch. Fast-forward to 2017 when my friend Luke's family invited us to visit their cabin in Canada, situated on a small island in Rainy Lake. The drive was long from Minneapolis, Minnesota, but on the way up, there were many stories of the families of eagles that lived on the surrounding islands on the seculded lake. Other stories included moose and bears that would swim from island to island searching for food or fun.

     Hearing all of these stories, I thought that nothing could live to them. However, upon arriving in Canada and taking the 45 minute boat ride from the shore of Rainy Lake to my friend's family island, I found the scenery so pictureque that not one photo would do to capture the raw beauty of the area. For your consideration, please enjoy these pelicans who got to share in the fish that me and my friends caught during our trip this past July, 2017.


RAINY_LAKE_CANADA_HIGHLIGHTS_096.jpgPelicans fight over a fish, while a seagull ignores the scene.


RAINY_LAKE_CANADA_HIGHLIGHTS_002.jpgFishing off the dock at Rainy Lake, Canada

RAINY_LAKE_CANADA_HIGHLIGHTS_006.jpgA storm brews from the north of the lake...RAINY_LAKE_CANADA_HIGHLIGHTS_060.jpgA family of loons cruises byRAINY_LAKE_CANADA_HIGHLIGHTS_044.jpgYoung eagles look out on the lake from their nestRAINY_LAKE_CANADA_HIGHLIGHTS_071.jpg


RAINY_LAKE_CANADA_HIGHLIGHTS_136.jpgA view of some of the islands on Rainy Lake