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Camiguin - The Island Born of Fire

City Slicker

Camiguin - The Island Born of Fire

Four years ago, my girlfriend and I visited the Island Born of Fire known as Camiguin.  An emerald paradise in the Bohol Sea, Camiguin is a Philippine island with more volcanoes per square kilometer than any other place on Earth. However, despite all of the fire that lay below, it is a lush tropical oasis.  It was the perfect setting then for us to get engaged, and at that moment Camiguin would forever be part of our life.  That love born of fire that year returned in 2017, as husband and wife, and it was still as majestic as it was then.


The unspoiled natural beauty of the island is a treasure to behold.  From breathtaking waterfalls, to hot and cold natural soda water springs, to giant clam sanctuaries, there are a plethora of scenic adventures to be had for those who find their way to its quiet shores.  Also, like anywhere on this beautiful island, you can watch a spectacular sunset over the sea.  A sunset that sets the sky ablaze, like the fires that originally gave birth to the island.


Camiguin will always be the place where our hearts will be drawn back to and to where the sky burns brilliant as the love we share.


Camiguin SunsetCamiguin Sunset