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Cajun Couple Travels Down Under

City Slicker

Cajun Couple Travels Down Under

This last December into January I got to take the most amazing trip of my life with my girlfriend amazing Emily. Two of my best friends in the world are from Sydney, Australia.  These two FINALLY decided to tie the knot and honored me with asking me to be a part of their wedding. Emily and I are from New Orleans, Louisiana. The wedding was halfway around the world and neither of us had been outside the Americas before, but how could we say no?!20171228_110433_resized.jpg

We spent the best week ever in Sydney and surrounding areas, visiting friends I hadn't gotten to see in years. It was perfect summer weather in Sydney and all of the beaches we sublime.20171229_131445_resized.jpg 20171229_120350_resized.jpgEach day was a different adventure, one of which (my favorite) was the zoo. It was the largest most diverse zoo I had ever been to. Two of the things that stood out the most were the koala encounter and the 5 month old baby elephant! (The elephant was super hyper and playful; the koala, not so much.)20180103_110511_resized.jpg20180103_094846_resized.jpgNot only did we get to visit an amazing place, but we got to celebrate the union of two of our best friends. The wedding was in their parents gorgeous backyard in Turramurra, and it couldn't have been more perfect.20171230_174326_resized.jpgEven further, we got to ring in the New Year (19 hours before my friends and family back home, we're basically time travelers) surrounded by old and new lifelong friends with the perfect view of the Sydney Harbor fireworks. 20171231_210021_resized.jpg

This would have been more than enough adventure for one vacation, but my girlfirend and I decided what the hey; we're already all the way on the side of the world, we might as well visit somewhere else. So, we went on to spent a few days alone all over the south island of New Zealand. 20180108_160425_resized.jpg20180106_075237_resized.jpgThis was by far the most beautiful place I have ever been, and we had new adventures everyday. The hikes were beautiful, filled with water falls, lakes, and stunning mountain landscapes.20180106_090509_resized.jpg20180107_110228_resized.jpgWe fit as much into our schedule as possible; bungee jumping, canyoning, milford sound, glacier hikes, etc.20180107_141815_resized.jpg20180106_160828_resized.jpg

This was by far the best trip of my life and honestly wouldnt have been possible without the rewards from my Barclay Arrival+ card. Can't wait for the next one.