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Big Adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii

City Slicker

Big Adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii

Lava flow on Big Island - HawaiiLava flow on Big Island - Hawaii

Our favorite trip of 2017 was definitely the Big Island of Hawaii! We went 4-wheeling to the green sand beach, jumped off the Southern Point, saw the turtles at Punalu'u Beach, kayaked with dolphins, snorkeled with manta rays, hiked to glorious waterfalls, and trekked all over Volcanoes National Park. The highlight for us was getting to take our two small boys on a bike ride and hike to the lava! Conditions were just right - good air quality, no rain, and a lava flow that was within a hikable distance. Our boys, ages 4 and 2, absolutely loved walking across the crusty lava fields and they surprised us by hiking roughly 2.5 miles across the uneven terrain to make it to the fresh lava! We loved hearing the pops and crackles as the lava moved along. Doing this hike as a family and seeing such a natural wonder was one of the greatest experiences of our lives!

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