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Austrian Alps

City Slicker

Austrian Alps

Talk about an unusual way for a 24-year-old to spend his birthday.

Alone, with nothing but my thoughts, I spent 3 hours hiking up one of the most beautiful routes in the Austrian Alps. 


As I made my way to the summit, I found myself occupied reflecting on what I had accomplished in the last year, thinking about what more I could've done or even any regrets I may have had.


Worried about the past, I also began to worry about my future. I began to analyze and strategize my goals and before I knew it I had reached the peak of the mountain I was lucky enough to set foot in.  


Physically and mentally exhausted, I sat down on a rock and gazed at the path I left behind me.

And even though I had made it all the way to the top, I felt no sense of accomplishment.


I became aware that while I was too busy filling my head with thoughts about my past and my future, I failed to give the hike the attention it deserved. Not once I stopped to look around and contemplate the beauty of the nature around me and the progress I had made.


I came to a sudden realization that I had let my past and my future steal my present.


Best birthday ever. Open your eyes.Open your eyes.