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Australia's Great Barrier Reef

City Slicker

Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Sydney Harbor and Opera HouseSydney Harbor and Opera HouseIn October my wife and I were invited to a colleagues wedding on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.  Since we had never been before we decided to sieze the opportunity and extend our trip to 3 weeks!  It was simply spectacular.  Our adventure began in Sydney taking in the beautiful harbor.  We toured all over the harbor and neighboring towns via the convient and cheap ferries.  Absolutely recommend!!! 





Great Ocean Road - 12 ApostlesGreat Ocean Road - 12 ApostlesAfter Sydney we ventured southwest to Melbourne.  We spent a few days eating and drinking our way around the city.  Coming from the Pacific NW, Melbourne reminded us alot of the Portland, Oregon food/coffee scene paired with all the shopping you ever want!  While in Melbourne we hired a car and took the "Great Ocean Road" to see the "12 Apostles".  Absolutely breathtaking! 







Great Barrier Reef - Green Sea TurtleGreat Barrier Reef - Green Sea TurtleFrom Melbourne we headed to Cannes to visit the Great Barrier Reef.  This was absolutley the highlight of the trip (besides the wedding of course).  We opted for a jetboat out to the reef to maximize our time in the water.  Most boats take 1.5 hours to get to the reef.  The jetboat cuts it in half!  The water, the reef, the animal life...  too much to share.  Instead I will share about the Green Sea Turtle we befriended on the reef.  She was roughly 25 years old and had recently been spotted back on the reef after warmer than normal water temperatures were causing animals to leave the area.  She was absolutley beautiful.  We watched her eat and interact with us for over an hour.  Such an elegant creature peacefully swaying with the current of the crystal blue water.  It was so great, I took the opportunity to grab a selfie with her before returning to the boat. 



After Cannes we headed south to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane for the wedding.  Seeing Kangaroos, Wallabies, Koalas, birds of all types, were all highlights of the journey.  While in Sunshine Coast, it didn't really live up to its name.  The weekend of the wedding it ended up raining over 22" in roughly 48 hours.  Don't let that keep you away though, it hardly every rains there.  I told my mate who was getting married that rain on the wedding day is good luck.  The wedding was on a beautiful farm in Yandina Station and the rain cleared for about an hour just enough for photos and some Kangaroos to cross the property under the breaking sun.  Such a great trip and highlight on the reel of our Trip Down Memory Lane.