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Adventure of a Lifetime - Australia and GBR for 30th Bday!

City Slicker

Adventure of a Lifetime - Australia and GBR for 30th Bday!

Can't believe it will be a year this month - ever since I was a teenager I had a dream to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) on my 30th bday. No clue where I got that dream from, but I had it for as long as I can remember. When I turned 29, I realized - if I'm going to make this happen then I better start planning it - if I don't make this happen then I will deeply regret it. 


I was busy with full-time work, full-time school, drama with trying to sell my house - I had ZERO time to plan a trip to Australia - I didn't even know where to begin! I came across Zicasso - which matched me with Jonathan from Springboard Vacations. He was awesome and the itinerary he booked for us was beyond our wildest dreams! The tours we took were top notch and I can't speak highly enough of his recommendations, working with me on the selections I made on the exact days I wanted, the value for the money we spent, etc. 


We made sure that we planned the scuba dive and snorkeling adventure on January 20th, the exact day of my birthday. It was such an incredible feat to have a dream - and for it to come to fruition - it was so surreal and I couldn't believe we actually made it happen! The boat we went out on and the staff/instructors were awesome and took such good care of us. The experience of scuba diving was a bit of a blur because I was terrified, lol. However I still remember most of it and am still in awe of how blessed and thankful I am for the experience. The boat went to 3 different locations - I was booked to scuba dive at the first 2 stops, then just snorkel at the last stop. I highly recommend this because you get 2 totally different experiences with the GBR in the same trip. I loved this experience and time there that I want to go back - but struggle knowing the world is so large and there is still so much more to see! If you ever get the chance to visit Australia and the GBR I HIGHLY recommend it! Truly life changing for me! 


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