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A surprise for my bride

City Slicker

A surprise for my bride

My wife (of 5 years) and I have been through a lot since we exchanged vows, even though it really was not that long ago.  As the days have gone by, kids have entered our lives and the stresses of marriage build up, we had forgotten about what brought us together, a love and joy that simply cannot be explained with words.  As we moved toward our 5 year anniversary, I wanted to do something that would allow us to relax and get away from the hectic lives we live.


Our anniversary is in October, so getting time off from work (I am a teacher) is tough that time of year.  I knew that it had to be a long-ish weekend for us to be able to make it work.  After searching for places that neither of us had been, then whittling them down to places that I could afford, I settled on New York City.  It was a place that I had never been and one that I knew would give us plenty of adventures for the short time we were there.  I told her to pack a bag with clothes for fall weather and a good pair of walking shoes and to pick me up from school at 2:30.  


When she arrived to get me, I got in to drive and we were off.  She had no idea where we were going, only that we would be back sometime on Monday.  It was a short drive to the airport and her interest started to peak.  We made it through security and almost to our gate without her knowing where we were going.  Keeping her ticket hidden was a challenge! 


As we arrived at the gate, she let out a scream as she saw New York on the board.  Our trip was off to a great start!  Though we missed our kids that weekend, it was a time for us to reconnect, recharge and get back to the simple things that made us fall in love years ago.  It was not a long trip, but it was one where I found my best friend, my love, my wife again. 22687945_10212705390181705_6062810018964198576_n.jpgPatsy's Pizza22550309_10212696462638522_3280327956421810865_o.jpgFound our seats, on the way to NYC!

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City Slicker

Re: A surprise for my bride

That was a beautiful surprise! Look at her smile!!! You keep that up!