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A Trip to Remember... (Someone Special)

City Slicker

A Trip to Remember... (Someone Special)

A trip to remember. Three of us chose to travel to Scotland and Ireland to remember our loving mother and wife. It was a trip to reflect on her life and memories with a trip during her birthday week. My mother was an adventure seeker, she was a lover, and she was a woman who lived moment to moment, and second by second. Her battle with Breast Cancer did not stop her from being someone who preached embracing life, and embracing doing things for yourself and loved ones. It was her message that we kept with us throughout this emotional trip, but we are all thankful for the experience to have the ability of not letting the grief of losing someone so meaningful in our lives get the best of us. We traveled, we saw new ground, and we bonded in knowing that our mother's memory would live on during this trip. It was our mission to make our trip a "happy" one, in order to properly send her a "happy birthday" from above. We like to believe this pink sunset reflects her happiness! Forever my mother guides my life, and I will bring her loving energy on every trip for the rest of my life.


Mom's Sunset into Scotland on the planeMom's Sunset into Scotland on the plane

Matt, Lauren and Dad at the CastleMatt, Lauren and Dad at the Castle