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A Trip Down Memory Lane: Goodbye 2017

City Slicker

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Goodbye 2017

Niagara Falls!Niagara Falls!






From top of the Empire State BuildingFrom top of the Empire State Building


New York night viewsNew York night views


During the last week of 2017, I decided to go on a trip with my children to New York and Niagara Falls. Even though I've been living in the US since 1989, I've never explored the city that never sleeps or the Falls that is considered a place you should visit before you die. For memorabilia, I went with my children. People say that you must visit Niagara Falls every season and I truly believe that's true. I went during the coldest of the seasons, but it was still beautiful and jaw-dropping. Everything surrounding the Falls was frozen: the roads, the trees, the handrails. However, the waterfall itself was still rushing with full force, falling into what seemed like a bottomless pit of water. The New York part of the trip was also unforgettable. We visited historical landmarks that every tourist should visit: Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. But the most memorable part of the trip was the contrast of the city life during night and day. Even when it was much past 1 AM, the city really didn't seem to sleep. Cars were still bustling and people were still living their lives. These two different places we visited contrasted greatly from my normal suburban daily life back in Georiga and it will definitely stay in my memory forever.