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2 People, 1 Van and a Lifetime of Memories

City Slicker

2 People, 1 Van and a Lifetime of Memories


There are many magical places on planet Earth.  But few can claim to be ubiquitously beautiful throughout as New Zealand can.  Split into two islands, the relatively small country is frequently mentioned as one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit.  However, not many people can say that they took the time to really travel the country and explore the tranquil beauty surrounding it.  Throughout 2017, my fiance and I did just that, spending time living in and travelling around both the North and South Islands of New Zealand.  However, it was in the month of May that travel and exploration reached a peak and thus became our most favorite travel experience not just in 2017, but in our lives.  Starting at the beginning of May, we rented a camper van (a small, one bed hybrid between a van and a micro RV) and drove around the entirety of the South Island, the island which many people argue is where much of the natural beauty in the landscape resides.  Words cannot express how incredible many of the sights were to us.  To use the term “magical” would indeed be the most accurate to use; especially when considering the fact that a vast majority of the shots in the Lord of the Rings series of movies were taken in the South Island of New Zealand.  To consider that we travelled through a fictional magical world, experiencing the outdoors and all of the natural beauty every single day for a whole month.  Absolutely indescribable.  

Now, many people might assume that living in such close proximity with someone— even someone you love dearly— might become tedious and irritating.  Upon making this decision, the two of us were fully aware that complications might arise and that to take this adventure and experience it together, it would be a supreme test of our relationship.  The truth of the matter is that despite being in such a fantastical location which easily became a once in a lifetime experience, our relationship and the fact that we inevitably became closer at the end of that month of living in a camper van… That is what made the adventure so special; to make a mutual decision to take a leap of faith. To go outside the bounds of our comfort and do something that we knew could be a risk.  To take a deep breath, step forward, and experience the adventure of a lifetime.  Nothing can compare to our travelling in a camper van throughout the South Island of New Zealand.  It is because of these reasons that this was our most favorite travel experience of 2017.van1.jpg