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What to do/see in Richmond, VA

Stately Explorer

What to do/see in Richmond, VA

Hi all,


I have a short business trip coming up to Richmond, VA and have never been there.  What are some interesting things to see in the city or immediate surroundings?  Most of my explorations would have to be after regular business hours (after 5-6PM) midweek.  Are there any interesting tours or attractions that would be operating at those hours?  Any sports maybe?


Also, any interesting ideas for shopping in the area?



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City Slicker

Re: What to do/see in Richmond, VA

Was wondering about the same thing. My family and I are about to pay a visit in the upcoming months.

Internationally Known

Re: What to do/see in Richmond, VA

Stale thread, but this might help some people! The top sight is Maymont, a free (donation recommended) park with a fun petting zoo, house tour, and most importantly, a pretty sweet Italian and Japanese garden.


There's a lot of civil war stuff if you like - battle grounds, Chimborazo hospital, Tredagar iron works / American Civil War Museum, and my favorite: White House of the Confederacy (nice, eye opening tour. The accompanying museum is fine, but not too big).


The city core is relatively walkable and has distinct neighborhoods. Some top areas are the Fan, Shockhoe Slip, and Shockhoe Bottom. There's a lot more too, but I think the above are the highlights for a short visit.


For sports, you can watch a Strikers soccer match, or a Flying Squirrels minor league baseball game. There are no major league sports.