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What to do, see & eat in Mykonos & Santorini

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What to do, see & eat in Mykonos & Santorini

I'm traveling to Greece for the first time in September. The majority of our trip will be spent in Mykonos & Santorini. Looking for suggested beaches, activities & places to visit on both islands. Also recommendations for restaurants, beach clubs and nightlife, particularly in Mykonos.


We are not planning to rent a car. Any advice on public transportation or taxi services? Thanks :)



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Re: What to do, see & eat in Mykonos & Santorini

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Re: What to do, see & eat in Mykonos & Santorini

I've been to Santorini several times and Mykonos twice. I much prefer Santorini, not only because it is such a gorgeous island, but also because as a historian there is so much to see.  (If you're not interested in history, skip this part).  Others have mentioned the Akrotiri, which is amazing.  You are literally walking in the streets and squares of a Bronze Age city.  Be sure to pair it with the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, one of the great museums of the world.  It contains most of the frescoes, pottery, and jewelry found in the Akrotiri and elsewhere on the island.  The Archaeological Museum is also good, but for a later period.  For just plain fun, besides walking around in Oia, take a half-day or day cruise in the caldera (which is still an active volcano).  I've done it twice and it has almost overshadowed the amazing historical parts of the trip for me each time.  Typically in a small group (usually about 100 euros) you'll have lunch and wine prepared by the captain and stop at three places while sailing around the caldera,  including the hot springs.  You have plenty of time to swim in these beautiful places.  Finally, the wineries -- Santorini white wines are among the best in Greece. And some of the wineries are right near the Akrotiri.

As for Mykonos, the time I enjoyed most was when I stayed at Elia Beach, partly because it's away from everything.  (I'm not a nightlife person, and Mykonos is all about that.) The second time I stayed at the Mykonos Bay Hotel, a little out from the main city,  but close enough for walking.  Little Venice is gorgeous to walk through, but for me the best part was taking the very short ferry trip (it's only a km or so off the coast of Mykonos) to Delos, which was the site of the Delian League's treasury during the Peloponnesian War.  You can visit the Avenue of the Lions (the real ones are in the museum), visit a temple to Isis, and see some great bits of very ancient architecture.  The small museum is very good for pottery.  Delos is uninhabited (and has been since antiquity) except for archaeologists and caretakers, so you have to stay on Mykonos.