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What Are They Now? Favorite Haunts of the Past.

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What Are They Now? Favorite Haunts of the Past.

During a recent trip to Minneapolis, I realized how dramatically the landscape has changed from the time I used to live there. The Met Stadium is now a overflow parking lot for the Mall of America. The Mann France Avenue Drive-In is now a shopping center, Eaton Ranch, where I used to ride horses is now a residential neighborhood called Saddle Ridge. To make way for an expansion of Highway 100, the city bought and tore down five homes, one of which I lived in for 10 years!


So much has changed! The wrecking ball can be credited for my examples, in other parts of the country hurricanes, fires and tornadoes have unfortunately taken some of our best-loved haunts of the past. 


What has changed in your area? Which ones do you miss the most?