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Travel itinerary tool

City Slicker

Travel itinerary tool

Hey folks!


Not so long ago, I found myself struggling to create an itinerary with a friend to plan a trip to Malaysia. At that point, I also was looking to found a new business, but only something that I was really passionate about, and therefore didn't want to force it. At that point, I was doing a lot of research into travel planning, and tools that are in the market currently. I discovered there was no tool that existed that fit my needs, and therefore started to make a business plan and found myself a development team to make such a tool.


I think it's important to get as much feedback as possible, and I would love to know what others think about this idea. Therefore I have created a survey that allows you to give feedback and to leave some general info about your travel behavior. The survey shouldn't take make than 3-5 minutes to fill in, and your time is highly appreciated. As a thank you, you'll be given a free premium account once the tool gets released, if you become an ambassador by clicking on "Yes" in the survey. I want to create value towards the travel community to make planning more pleasant and efficient :-)




Once again, huge thanks for the people that want to provide their feedback!