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To Tour Or Not To Tour?

City Slicker

Re: To Tour Or Not To Tour?

I have traveled independently to 49 states in the US and thoughout Great Britain and France. I have also sailed on a couple of 10 day European cruises.  However, I think I enjoyed our 3 Rick Steves tours of Europe and Ireland as much as any.  His 21 day tours of Western Europe and Eastern Europe were excellent and limited to only 12-13 couples.  As opposed to many other European bus tours, our stops were for two nights while staying in small boutique hotels in the middle of a city.  Consequently, we always had plenty of free time to explore on our own.  Not only did those tours visit the "must see" sites of Europe but also went off the beaten path for many unique experiences.  We found those off the beaten path experiences to be some of the most memorable of all our European travels.