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Schengen Visa extention?

Stately Explorer

Schengen Visa extention?

I have recently read that France, Denmark, and Poland all have laws with the US that can be utilized to extend the Schengen Visa (90/180 days within the EU). My understanding is that so long as you enter before your Schengen Visa would be up (say, day 89) you may have an additional 90 days with these 3 countries, the caveat being when you leave it MUST be to a non-EU country (including flight layovers).  

Does anyone have any experience with this? The French law appears to be from 1949 (though it is suggested not to be used by the French Embassy) and the Polish and Danish laws from the 90s.

Appreciate any help on this!

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Nationally Recognized

Re: Schengen Visa extention?

I have never heard of these workaround to the Schengen law, and I looked into it pretty in depth a few years ago when I went right up to 90/180. For any country to have an exception would seem a violation of their international agreement.


On nomadicmatt's blog, check out the entry "HOW TO (LEGALLY) STAY IN EUROPE FOR MORE THAN 90 DAYS"

Stately Explorer

Re: Schengen Visa extention?

I totally forget about NomadicMatt! Good call, I appreciate it. And yeah it appears there is no great way to get around it, even with some older laws, it'll just put you on the naughty list adn I'd hate to be one of t"those" travelers. 


Thanks for the tip :)