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Paris for 11 days - end of August

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Paris for 11 days - end of August

Hello all, 


I am planning to travel to Paris at the end of August into first week of September for 11 days. 

I will be with my mother and fiancee, and we will stay at relatives' houses in Taverny and Combs la Ville when in the city. At other destinations we will book hotel rooms.


General goals: See some tourist attractions, eat all the food, drink all the wine, meet/connect with as many locals as possible. We'd like to balance time spent maybe 25% tourist attractions/75% exploring locales.


Goals for the city: Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and L'arc de Triomphe.

Goals for the country: Maybe Versailles and/or Normandy

Goals for out of the country: If we can figure it out (and this is where you guys come in), we would like to hit the Swiss Alps, Venice, and Belgium (probably Brussels). 


This is our first trip to Europe. Any first-timer advice, must-see suggestions, and/or logistics strategies (route/mode of travel) are appreciated. 

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Re: Paris for 11 days - end of August

Sounds great! Make sure to book tickets to the stuff you do want to do in advance. Lines are crazy if you don't. I also found that the top of the Arc is not really necessary if you are also doing the eiffel tower. 


As far as Normanday goes, I would highly recommend it if you are a history buff.  We stayed in Bayeux and it was a great central point for everything we did. Plus it was a big enough area that they had great restaurants and places to stay. 


Have fun on your trip!!