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Overnight in Gatwick?

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Overnight in Gatwick?

Hello All!

At the end of the month I'll be landing in Gatwick around 12:15AM and have an outbound flight at 6:05AM (boarding around 5am). I've never over-nighted at gatwick, is there a good area to rest up and catch some ZZZ's?
3ish hours in a hotel room seem like a waste... but I've made this mistake at Oslo as well as JFK only to be kicked out or discover you have to leave the secure zone. 
Would love some tips!

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Re: Overnight in Gatwick?

No personal experience there, but it appears to be possible:

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Re: Overnight in Gatwick?

You might want to check out the Bloc Gatwick, a budget hotel located inside the South Terminal on the 3rd Floor, Departures Level, beside security.


Another choice would be the Yotelair, located in the South Terminal next to International Arrivals, where you can get a room for as few as four hours. 

Sweet dreams.