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Now I understand how to REDEEM AWARD Points!

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Now I understand how to REDEEM AWARD Points!

So I just got off the phone with a Barclay card representative. I called him because I wanted to know if I needed to use my chip and "pin" in the US before traveling overseas. (In some countries you need to use a pin!) The answer is no. You do not have to use your card in the US for a pin transactions first. But if you want to see if it is working, go to your local ATM in the US, put your card in the ATM and press the "credit" button (as if you were trying to take out cash). It will ask you for your pin and if it gives you access to withdrawl funds, then it will also work in a foreign country! Just hit cancel if you don't want to take out any cash! Awesome advice!


Next about 2 months ago I redeemed only $300 of my reward points on a $671 charge.  But doing this, I screwed myself literally! Recently when I went to apply another $100 dollars to the same purchase to pay more on it, it was missing from my account, gone, good-bye! Here's what I learned from our conversation...


1. You can only redeem points in $100 increments at a time. We all know that! And... update on 11/30/18: (just today) I went on Barclays website and now I'm able to redeem points for $100, $125 and $150 increments...


2. If you make a purchase UNDER $100, as an example" $95, it will NOT show up on your rewards account. It must be $100 or more to use points on!! So avoid purchases under $100 if at all possible. Ex: If you have to choice between getting a ticket for $80 or a ticket for $110, buy the $110 ticket so you can use your points to pay it off!


3. And the most important thing I learned in our conversation is that AS SOON AS you redeem ANY amount of points towards one of your redeemable purchases, it will dissappear, vanish, good-bye! So seriously, if you have a $600 bill but only have $300 worth of reward points to use, wait until you have enough points accumulated in your account to pay the full $600 aka: don't pay $300 on it and think it will still be there next month. You're given one chance to apply reward points to each purchase or you will lose any, and every future opportunity to apply additional points towards it later on. But keep in mind that you only have 120 days to use your rewards point for travel expenses.


I love my Barclays card, but I love it even more now that I understand how it really works!